Why Web Engine?

Why WebEngine?

WebEngine was developed by a group of uniquely talented technology experts who early-on recognized that for future of web content and E-commerce is in deploying dynamically-static pages with a re-inforced solid technology foundation that is second to none. Such an understanding has led to the development of and deployment of complex enterprise Web content Management system with an engine that could change the way web content management is done.

As the web becomes increasingly complex and demanding, the requirements for exceptional Web Content Management systems, infrastructures and applications become more critical everyday. Our world-class consultants build solutions based on the product developed inhouse and not a product developed by others. We seldom use third party technologies or other Content Management solutions in the process of developing for our clients. Our un-surpassed expertise and advanced inhouse technology solutions provide measurable value by reducing the impact on your IT department, empowering both IT and business managers to control the content, deliver it at the correct time and enabling the fast, cost-effective launch of your Internet/Intranet content ranging from portals to complex informational sites, catalogs, publications, and other online web content. Webengine is driven by this challenge and we consistently respond with the development and deployment of high-performing, economical, secure, flexible, and scalable Web content management systems for organizations worldwide.

Project history:

Webengine is developed by Entropy Multimedia Inc. for providing web services to clients in and around New York

The first version (pre 1.0) of WebEngine was released to the public in December 1999. It attracted a steady stream of users, and the development project flourished. The first version employed a Framework which was a basic interface to the database and was working basically in Server Side Include [SSI] model similar to the execution of ASP and JSP pages.

WebEngine 1.0 included

  • Improved version of Framework to act as a better content management tool.
  • Enhanced version of WePublisher to manage publishing more effectively.
  • Included support for WebScript functions accessible by the templates at serve time.

WebEngine 2.0 included

  • Robust version of Framework to support multilingual content management.
  • Improved version of WePublisher to manage publishing and publish time execution stages more effectively.
  • Inproved support for WebScript functions accessible by the executable in any mode of execution.

Since the initiation of development Webengine has come a long way from being just a server side scripting language to a Content management system employing two level interpretation of the script in the Content mode and servetime interpret modes. Since then. Webengine has evolved into a full-blown content management system, and a toolkit for web application development. It has gathered an active community users and developers working on the system providing efficient web development services. However, the development hasn’t stopped by any means, and new ideas and standards are being added to it on a daily basis.

Commercial services utilizing the platform started to appear in early 2002. One of the first adopters was Net Monitor, an American company that realized the potential of Webengine for huge data manipulation and content management purposes. Net monitor is an application in staging and can be mentioned as the First business application for the platform.

These early adopters have been followed widely, and commercial services are available from multiple companies and products in many countries worldwide.

In addition to the commercial adoption, Webengine has also gained entry to the academia, with universities and technical institutes utilizing the system for both internal and external web content management.