Service Option

WebEngine content management service is offered in a choice of two exclusive software licensing options. Both include the full range of WebEngine’s features and functionality. Click here for a comparison table of the features and facilities of the different options. Please pick the service model that best meets your organization’s requirements.

  • Hosted Service. (We host your website)
  • Licensed Server. (You host your website)

Option 1: Hosted Service (We Host your website)

The Hosted Service is ideal for organizations that seek to eliminate the following hurdles typically associated with most websites and content management systems startup costs

  • Lengthy implementation times.
  • Technology hurdles.
  • Technical resource issues.

This service option brings the Content Management within easy, no-risk reach to even the most budget-constrained organisations. It is also ideal for customers who prefer to license software as a service and eliminate the one-time up-front charge of a Licensed Server and other services.

With this option,

  • We host the software remotely at our secure, high-bandwidth data center.
  • Give you complete Web-based access to the content via Internet.
  • Provide you optional backup web server facilities.
  • Develop all the templates, scripts and/or graphics required for your website.

Your up-front costs are even further reduced because we provide all of the server hardware and system software, including a MySQL Database Server, needed to run WebEngine. All system configuration and maintenance is included in the monthly fee. Template modifications are charged additionally at actuals on a pre negotiated hourly rate.

Other benefits of Hosted service model include:

  • Setup in minutes, deploy in days.
  • Perpetual license model with option to switch at any time, in any operating environment.
  • More frequent product enhancements and upgrades than with licensed software. Predictable monthly costs.
  • 24/7/365 reliability, regularly monitored by experts.
  • 24/7/365 backup web service.
  • Rapid integration of customer feedback.

Option 2: Licensed Server (You Host your website)

This service option caters to customers who prefer to own, host, and administer their own servers, software , data and content. Under this option the Customer is issued a Server Installation License. Customers supply their own server hardware, Internet network connectivity, and MySQL Server database license and all other requirements to host the website.

The Customer may obtain software consultancy from authorized WebEngine Development partners for developing the templates, scripts and other WebEngine components required to develop, render, run and host their Internet/Intranet content. Under this service option model the Customer shall be fully responsible and authorized for developing, maintaining and implementing the content management platform.

The benefits of Licensed Server include:

  • Greater ability to integrate with other applications.
  • Complete control over software and hardware administration.
  • Ensured compliance with corporate information technology standards for highly-regulated businesses and industries.
  • No recurring costs except for technical support, customization and upgrades.