WebEngine System:

WebEngine, a content management system, can be set up on any platform or Operating System [OS]employing Common Gateway Interface [CGI] for web content delivery. A mature product, WebEngine has been in use on multilingual, international web sites for over seven years. WebEngine system is a composite platform employing a group of customizable content Management interfaces called the Framework and an executable to co-ordinate the content management interfaces and underlying data.


The Framework is a tightly knit group of WebScript scripts for Internet/Intranet Content Management System and solutions. The Framework provides developers with an easy to use rapid application development environment built on the CGI interface. It can interact with any Relational Database Management System [RDBMS] for data manipulation and any CGI compliant web server (e.g. Apache) may be used to serve the finalized web content.

The Framework is entirely developed in WebScript which is the native language of WebEngine. Framework based solutions are actively used by many organizations worldwide. It can be used for managing content on the Web, extranet and intranet services from simple format/data template solutions to complex business applications. The Framework is targeted for daily use by non-technical, end-user content developers.

The WebEngine System and Framework work on most common UNIX platforms and any operating system employing CGI, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows Server and Solaris. The WebEngine System and Framework scripts are OS independent and work on any OS (supporting C++ and libc) without modifications via a simple copy operation.


WebEngine employs the executable built entirely in C++ which interprets the WebScript language. The executable is responsible for extracting and manipulating data as required by the WebScript commands